Powder Coating
Powder coating is an environmentally friendly method used to coat a wide range of metal products. In the process, corona or tribo charged powder particles are sprayed at an object and wrap around it, forming an even layer of particulates across the surface. The object is then placed in an oven. The process creates a uniform, durable, high-quality, and attractive finish.
Liquid Coating
Liquid coating is the simple application of paint to products. We offer polyurethane, water-based, solvent-based and high-solid paints, as well as specialty finishes such as conductive coatings and dry film lubricants. The finishes can be smooth or textured to a customer's specifications and can match the customer's requested color (see a color chart at the above link).
Conformal Coating
Conformal coatings are specially formulated lacquers designed to protect and extend the lives of printed circuit boards. When applied, the lacquer forms a thin (25-50 micron) layer over the circuit board, protecting it from chemicals (e.g. fuels, coolants etc.), vibration, moisture, salt spray, humidity and high temperature. Without protection, these conditions can cause corrosion, mold growth and power leakage resulting in operational failure.
Screen Printing
Our Screen Printing division includes two processes: screen printing and pad printing. Screen printing is used to apply lettering and graphics to products including: chassis, covers and brackets. Pad printing is used to apply graphics to irregularly shaped surfaces, such as keyboard keys.
Contract Manufacturing
Industrialex contracts with customers to build products to their specifications. Frequently the company coats the components of the product and then assembles them before shipping them to the customer. All contract manufacturing is done according to customer specifications and completed within Industrialex.

EMI/RFI shielding is used to avoid interference with today’s sensitive high-frequency electronics. We can apply copper, nickel, silver or other metallic-impregnated paint to the inside of enclosures and plastic panels, or any plastic surface to keep products safe. This shielding can be applied precisely onto the most complex injection moldings.